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Software that Learns
The MBA Wizard is intelligent software created with the capacity to learn. Its knowledge has been provided by the leading thinkers and authors in the world of strategic planning.

Smarts and Experience
The MBA Wizard has been used to build thousands of successful businesses. It has accurately evaluated over 20,000 business plans and continues to grow its knowledge.

Expert Advice
The MBA Wizard can offer insight as you plan your business success. It offers a perspective you may not have considered.

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“It's like having an MBA from Harvard reviewing my business plan! The ideas are right on target and cover things I would never have considered.”

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How does it work?
The MBA Wizard asks you some questions to better understand your business. Then it points out potential problems and gets you to think about new ways to do business.

How can it help me?
The MBA Wizard is a virtual consultant, easy to talk with, and unbiased in its evaluations. Its advice is straightforward and clear. Its conclusions are based upon real data matched against proven models of market success. The expert system evaluates your business in comparison with your competition and the market. It shows areas where you excel or drag behind.

What makes it so smart?
The MBA Wizard has been trained in every primary model of marketing strategy. It has been trained to analyze:
Competitive Advantage
Potential Generic Strategies
Strategic Factors
Environmental Factors
Environmental Risk Matrix
Tendency to Buy
Price Sensitivity
Product & Market Change
Industrial Decision Making
Product Life Cycle
Capacity & Propensity to Attack
Sales Volume
Product Market Profitability
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product Competitive Position
Industry Attractiveness
Marketing Strategy Matrix
Directional Policy Matrix
Business Risk Analysis
Market Forces

How do I get the MBA Wizard?
The MBA Wizard is embedded within many of our business planning products.
Plan Write Expert EditionThe MBA Wizard evaluates your business plan to assure it can withstand the detailed scrutiny of any investor or lender.
Business InsightThe MBA Wizard evaluates every facet of your business and marketing strategy to stimulate your thinking and point out your blind spots.
Quick InsightThe MBA Wizard weighs the market potential for new product ideas.
Plan Write for PricingThe MBA Wizard balances your need for profits with your need for gaining market share to help you determine the optimum price.

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