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Marketing Strategy
planning tools:

Marketing Strategy
Develop the best strategy based on proven business models.

Pricing Strategy
Maximize profits
or capture market share with a customized pricing strategy.

Sales Strategy
Formulate sales strategy and tactics and get coaching to close more sales.

Marketing Plan
Plan and implement your marketing strategy with professional guidance.

Test New Ideas
Forecast the success potential of entering new markets or introducing new products.



Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Business Insight® fully implements the SWOT concept.

A lot of lip service has been given to a concept called SWOT, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. However, few enterprises have a formal method for evaluating these factors. There are many specific circumstances to consider, some of which are unique to your enterprise or industry. A few of these are:

  • Special/unique abilities
  • New/proprietary technology that may benefit or threaten you
  • Changes in the economy (positive or negative)
  • Requirement for or loss of key personnel
  • Access or lack of access to critical materials
  • Changes in government policies or regulations
  • Availability or lack of availability of capital
  • Transportation or communication changes (cost or availability)
  • Market entry of new competitors
  • Social or environmental changes

These are only a few of hundreds of factors considered when you use the strategy analysis tool called Business Insight®. The results of your analysis will be a better understanding of how to leverage your strengths to take advantage of perceived opportunities or to respond to threats and how to compensate for known weaknesses.

To learn more about software that implements the SWOT concept, click here for a detailed product description of Business Insight®.

Online Sample
A summary report generated from your data to illustrate the expert system process.
SWOT Analysis
Business Insight fully implements the SWOT approach to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
Five Forces Model
Business Insight is based upon the five forces model (first defined by Michael Porter) and other authors and business experts.
Factors included
A sample list of the hundreds of factors considered by the expert system rules in Business Insight.
Why Plan?
Why Plan Well?
A list of the issues resolved by using Business Insight to evaluate the process of change in your business.
Comments from users who have used Business Insight to clarify their strategies and achieved success.
Marketing Strategy
Business Insight evaluates your marketing strategy against expert system rules.

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