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The Business Insight Process

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Step 7.

Your marketing and sales organizations are key to the implementation of your strategy. The Business Insight process investigates the personnel, methodologies and resources to determine the most effective way the strategy can be implemented.

Sample Feedback: Marketing & Sales

It is beneficial to be "known" in the industry. This can be done through the founder's reputation, endorsements from high profile personalities, strong performance in customer support, outstanding product capabilities and, of course, a strong market share. The analysis shows that your marketplace image is not good.

Marketing personnel must understand the implications for the new customer when they purchase your product. Will the purchase require installation, training, trial periods, disruption in the day to day processes or other unusual expenses? For your product, the implications are somewhat disruptive so marketing should be prepared to deal with a prospect's concerns.

Another important factor to understand is whether a customer will also be a prospect for the next product or service you have to sell. If you are able to instill loyalty in your customer base, the selling expense for the next product or service is greatly reduced for that portion of your market segment. The analysis indicates your customers are only somewhat likely to be loyal.

Each market has different shopping characteristics. It is helpful to understand how vigorously the prospect is going to be searching for a solution to the problem your product addresses. And, if they are prone to expending research effort, how knowledgeable they are about competitive pricing and quality. In this case it appears the prospect will exert minimal buying effort.

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