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The Business Insight Process

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Step 2.

Your use of all communication/distribution channel forms are reviewed to determine the extent and manner they can be incorporated into the strategy. This includes your effective use of the Internet.

Sample Feedback: This is an analysis of the basic factors that should be present in any good implementation of an Internet web site. A high rating indicates a good implementation.
RatingImmediate contributing factorsWeighting
0Your site is not (nor planned to be) linked with many other sites10
0Your site's e-commerce is minimally integrated with your business operations10
70Your site regularly appears at the top of popular search engine hit lists10
90Your site is well leveraged through other public materials10
100You regularly review site activity logs10
100A domain name that reflects the concept of the site is positive10
100Your site is well protected from unauthorized access10
100Your site automatically follows up customer/prospect visits with an email10
NAYour customer's data is poorly protected from unauthorized access10

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