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1. Analyze Potential
2. Recognize Strengths
3. Develop Tactics
4. Measure Success
5. Action Plan




Plan Write for Sales

Develop Your Tactics
Plan Write for Sales guides you to develop a comprehensive tactical plan to achieve your success. The marketing process, sales process, organization, and infrastructure will be developed and documented to provide an integrated and orchestrated penetration of the market.

Step-by-Step Help
You will be assured of a well thought out and complete tactical plan. As with the strategy development, you will have rationale and examples throughout the entire process to help you write your plan.
Address Relevant Issues
  • Describe the various departments within your organization, showing reporting relationships and explaining the responsibilities of each department.
  • Describe key responsibilities, your philosophy of compensation, expected growth and turnover, requirements for and methods of delivering employee education, your employee review process, and your projections for numbers and compensation of employees.
  • Address the facilities, equipment, and tools that your organization provides in support of the sales effort.
  • Describe how your organization will involve publicity, advertising, a web site, direct mail, cold calling, sales literature, product/service demonstrations, and much more.
  • Describe the various aspects involved in effectively selling your offerings.
  • Address sales quotas and the method for making revenue & expense projections.

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