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1. Analyze Potential
2. Recognize Strengths
3. Develop Tactics
4. Measure Success
5. Action Plan




Plan Write for Sales

Strategize Around Strengths and Weaknesses
Plan Write for Sales will take the description of your sales activity and create a comprehensive analysis report. The report helps you easily understand the factors that will impact your sales potential. You will gain a complete understanding in time to implement a superior sales strategy.

Helps Write Your Strategy
At each step of the documentation process, there is rationale that explains what information to include plus example text to get you started. Relevant subjects include:
  • Mission Statement
  • Product/Service Description
  • Market Segments
  • Competitive Positioning
  • The Sales Process
Develop Your Competitive Strategy
Any sales program will encounter competitive offerings and alternative solutions in the marketplace. Your plan must recognize the existence of competition and anticipate how you will deal with it.

After you have identified your competitors, describe the market segments they are addressing and which of your offerings they are competing with. Describe the competitor's position in that market and how you intend to position your offering against them.
Comprehensive Strategy
When you complete the documenting process, you will have a comprehensive strategy and will then be ready to develop the tactics for implementing that strategy.

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