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1. Analyze Potential
2. Recognize Strengths
3. Develop Tactics
4. Measure Success
5. Action Plan




Plan Write for Sales

Analyze your Potential
To properly exploit your opportunity, you must understand your potential. Plan Write for Sales walks you through a structured process to prepare you for the development of your strategy. You will get a complete analysis of competitive positioning, sales capabilities, promotional capabilities, distribution strategies, and the best ways to employ the Internet.
Analysis Charts
Included in the analysis is this Blake-Mouton sales grid. Based on your answers to your sales techniques, it charts your position on the grid. It will then describe the characteristics of sales personnel who will effectively use this technique.
Leverage Strengths
Understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie is essential to developing your strategy. A complete analysis is provided after answering questions about your:
  • Sales Capabilities
  • Promotion Capabilities
  • Internet Usage
  • Distribution Channels
Understand the Analysis
The key to benefiting from the analysis is understanding how the results were derived. Each contributing factor is hyper-linked to your answers to questions asked by Plan Write for Sales.

You can change your answers to see how a different strategy would impact your success potential.

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