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Plan Write® for Sales


Develop a sales strategy
based on your strengths
and shared by all management
and sales personnel.


  • Maximize profits
  • Capture market share
            Develop a strategic sales plan
            with expert assistance.


more information:

1. Analyze Potential
2. Recognize Strengths
3. Develop Tactics
4. Measure Success
5. Action Plan



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Sales Success Requires Planning
Formulate your sales strategy and tactics to achieve your sales success.

Analyze Your Potential
Step through a structured process that will prepare you for the development of your sales strategy.

Strategize Around Strengths
The description of your sales activity is analyzed producing a report that reveals factors impacting your sales potential.

Develop Your Tactics
Receive guidance to develop a comprehensive
tactical plan to achieve your success.

Measure Your Success
Develop key measurements that mark the progress of financial estimates that guide your growth.

Employ An Action Plan for Success
Provide your sales force a clear tactical plan that is also aligned with management's strategic objectives.


Develop your sales strategy:

  • structured process
  • focus on strengths
  • comprehensive tactics
  • measure progress
  • action plan for success

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“Every level of management participated in coming up with our plan. Plan Write for Sales guided us to a shared understanding of the rationale behind our strategy.”

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