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Plan Write Expert Edition

PlanWrite Expert Edition is one of a suite of products intended to help test an idea, write a business plan, create a marketing strategy, evaluate pricing, write a marketing plan, and close more sales. Specifically, it is a planning software program built on the published business models of more than 100 experts in marketing, planning, and strategy that include Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, the Competitive Advantage model, the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, and the GE Business Screen.

Business Planning software generally falls into two categories – software with a host of templates to use as patterns, or interactive programs that walk the planner through the process. An interactive program, PlanWrite Expert Edition is the best of its type. After taking the planner through an on–screen interview, the software generates a full-text analysis of the product or service and its market potential, with hyperlinks to information that influenced the analysis. It also provides insights into factors that will affect success, and a series of more than 35 charts to graphically demonstrate how the product or service stands up to proven marketing models.

A wizard then guides the planner through a series of dialogues covering the enterprise, competition, products, distribution, sales, pricing, the environment, and other factors. Additional questions guide input of the financial data. Each section of the plan is contained in a separate folder: text, financial projections, charts, milestones, and the complete business plan in a single view.

Navigation is accomplished through eight buttons on the left side of the screen: Resources; Interview (with the initial business analysis); Narration (for text entry); Financials (for projections); Charts; Milestones (to measure the plan's success); Plan Audit (to check for completeness and spelling); and view (to see a fully formatted edition of the plan prior to printing.)

The program's built–in word processor and spreadsheet offer a host of powerful features, including formatting tools and a spell checker. Financial data can be input from and exported to a number of external spreadsheet formats. The final plan is suitable for printing, export to a word processor in RTF format, a PDF file, or publication in HTML format on the Internet.

PlanWrite Expert Edition is an expert system for business plan development based on comparisons to proven business concepts. It is the best example on the market of a truly interactive planning system, and should appeal strongly to accountants for its firm grounding as well as its ease of navigation.


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