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Expert Systems Available in Planning Software
Business Resource Software has five different software solutions for evaluating, planning, and marketing new products or services. There is help in identifying the market potential, in writing the business or marketing plan, and in developing a sales strategy at a number of different levels.

The Quick Insight® program does a market evaluation in a simple question-and-answer format that provides nearly 50 pages of analysis. It factors in business issues such as R&D capacity, the scope of your market segment, and your unique advantages. Also looked at are the environment, market characteristics, competition, pricing, and promotional needs. The end report includes a rating of profit potential, how to improve sales and marketing strategies, and more than 30 charts that rank your marketing and sales concepts with others. The analysis will help you decide whether to fund or abandon a new product idea, find the best pricing, evaluate your competition, identify a defensible niche, and locate advice in the areas where you lack expertise in looking for the correct answers.

The PlanWrite® software is available in three editions: the PlanWrite Expert Edition, PlanWrite for Pricing, PlanWrite for Sales, and PlanWrite for Hi-Tech Marketing. All are business planning solutions that combine expert systems and artificial intelligence in a question-and-answer format on the included word processor and fully integrated spreadsheet. The Expert edition helps you create a business plan that includes a complete set of financials and an automatic evaluation of your business plan, measuring more than 35 key business concepts. You get expert financial assistance, assistance throughout the entire planning process, a professional printed plan, and a direct Internet link to more than 500 sites for background research. PlanWrite for Pricing guides you through a process that results in the optimum pricing for your product or services. Alternative pricing strategies are considered, and you are provided a profile of your strengths against competitors. PlanWrite for Hi-Tech Marketing provides expert advice and planning for the unusual requirements of software and tech services. PlanWrite for Sales covers both strategy and tactics. For the larger issues in strategic planning, the program covers market segmentation, competitive positioning, and sales process. The specific tactics looked at are compensation structure, literature and promotion, Internet integration, and distribution channels, among others. All of the PlanWrite products produce comprehensive written plans.

Business Resource Software has been used in more than half of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.


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