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The Write Software for Business Plans

For years, it has been nothing more than an idea, but now the time is right to take your dream of running your own business from wishful thinking to reality. The first step, the business plan, is the most crucial... a plan is a living document that details the expected growth, revenues and scope of your business. Where do you start? Knowing what should be included in the plan is difficult to decide, especially for novices.

However, with the help of Plan Write Expert Edition, even a novice can create a professional, well-presented business plan. Like many similar applications, Plan Write walks you through a business plan, but that is where the similarities end. Not merely a fill-in-the-blanks template, it analyzes your plan and provides advice on marketing strategy to aid your plan and your business... Questions about the life cycle of your particular market and the reliability of your channels of distribution go beyond the building of a business plan to the real life concerns of running a business.

Once you get into the meat of the program, it tests your knowledge of your market by asking questions about competitors" offerings, their quality, perception in the marketplace and potential for creating an advantage by employing various marketing strategies. The Advisor, by far the most useful aspect of the program, is ever ready to analyze your plan and provide suggestions. When the plan is complete, the advisor presents an analysis that includes a rating of your success potential, a summary of necessities to improve your business and observations critical to improving your marketing strategy.

Plan Write stands out among business plan programs because it does more than just write your plan. It has a built-in advisor that allows you to create a comprehensive document with all of the kinks worked out before you present it to a prospective investor.


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