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Detailed Summary Plan Shown Side by Side

Plan Write is a fully integrated Windows program, with its word processor and its own spreadsheet. Plan Write's approach to the plan narrative is the best of any software reviewed. The Business Plan is presented in outline form. The user can add, delete or rearrange the outline to suit the needs of their individual plans - a definite advantage over other approaches. The outline can be shown in a summary view or in various levels of detail. The word processor can add tables and insert graphs and spreadsheets. It is easy to use for anyone familiar with MS Word, with capabilities like spell check. Taking advantage of Windows" power, the handbook suggests keeping both your current plan and the sample detailed plan in separate side-by-side windows.

Many planning packages have pre-defined outlines, Plan Write's flexible outlines are a logical approach to developing a narrative. The word processing and spreadsheet capabilities are impressive for an integrated package, and Windows lets the user generate a professional looking document.


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