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Planning for Success

You would not take over the helm of a yacht if you did not know anything about sailing, would you? Well, if you start a business without creating a business plan, that is exactly what you would be doing setting yourself up to go down. Every day, countless men and women join the ranks of America's entrepreneurs. What these new business owners bring with them is an unchanged employee mind-set "handle problems as they arise" or crisis management. Unfortunately, these novices fail to realize how fast problems arise in business. Unknowingly, they set up their businesses to capsize.

But it does not have to be that way. If a business owner plans properly, he or she can thwart problems before they occur. Many entrepreneurs see the formulation of a business plan as overwhelming, much like applying for a business loan. But devising a business plan does not have to be daunting. A business plan is nothing more than a navigating tool. It can steer you in many directions: toward investors, expansion capital or simply help keep you charted on the right course. One way to demystify the business plan is to use business planning software. With software programs designed for the neophyte business owner as well as the established CEO, the outlines needed to develop business strategies are no longer limited to detailed self-help books. ...

Maybe you are looking for more detailed analysis. Well, if a rational approach appeals to you, check out Plan Write. This software program from Business Resource Software is ideal for any commercial enterprise. Combining an integrated outline word processor, text editor and spreadsheet facility, Plan Write offers a thorough analysis of a host of factors. Among these: organizational/personnel, employee age range, medical benefits and vacation days/holidays; the competition, image, years in business and service/warranty record; and financials, profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow.

Particularly appealing are the active windows. You can access various files and display them on screen, while still using the keyboard to type in new information. That way you are able to stay focused on the information you want to include in your business plan. A definite plus is the option of having the outline of your business plan and text window open at the same time. Plan Write can also import information from outside spreadsheets. For a reasonable price, this business planning software is fully capable of producing a comprehensive financial report.


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