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Making Your Plans More Marketable

If you are selling a product and suspect your marketing has gone awry, Quick Insight's expert analysis can help. Many a fine product or service has never had a chance to shine because its creators lacked a successful marketing plan.

Quick Insight looks and works like an earlier software product from the same company: Business Insight. But Quick Insight costs much less at $129.95 list. Also, it focuses on marketing for small and Fortune 1000 companies, while Business Insight aimed its sights at bigger businesses. After asking a series of detailed questions about your market, competition, and goals, Quick Insight produces a 50-page analysis of your concept, illustrating it with colorful charts and graphs. Unless you have created successful marketing plans on your own before and do not need the expert advice, Quick Insight may well pay for itself many times over.

Once you have completed the data input section, Quick Insight takes over and supplies you with a multilevel analysis of your company's ability to compete successfully in the marketplace you have described. First and simplest is the Evaluation. This is an overall potential success rating of one to 100. Anything below 80 is considered risky. If you fall in this danger zone, click on the Trace icon, and Quick Insight lets you revisit the screens whose factors pulled the score down. You can actually call up this rating as you are entering data and watch how it changes as you answer questions.

Quick Insight's Observations come next. An outline highlights areas of concern that the program has isolated. Click on one such as: "You have a strong position in a slow market," and the program supplies you with its rational for making that judgment, and offers strategies for improving your chances there. If you click the Trace button, you will be shown the data input areas that contributed to this conclusion.

More than 30 charts graphically illustrate Quick Insight's evaluation of your marketing plan. These are not all typical graphs such as you might find in a small-business computer application; they are tightly focused on various elements of your marketing plan. While you can look at generic graphs such a Tendency to Buy and Consumer Decision-Making, you also have choices like Capability and Propensity to Attack, and Offering/Market Evolution Portfolio Matrix.

Finally, Quick Insight's Summary sums up in text form what it has told you in other ways throughout the analysis process. Print out the more than 50-page analysis. This hard-copy document comprises the extensive evaluation and strategy suggestions offered by Quick Insight for your individual situation, including the graphs created during your work sessions.

Quick Insight's creators suggest that the program is also a valuable tool for companies that are already marketing products or services, to see if they might gain by altering some strategies midstream. But in volatile economic times, it is especially helpful for people who can not afford to take a financial risk and lose. So for less than a marketing consultant might charge for an hour of work, you can answer a series of insightful questions - many of which you may have never even considered - and get an expert evaluation of your venture prospects in the market.


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