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Instant Analysis

Who would not like to have an M.B.A. grade analysis of a new product market potential delivered inexpensively within hours of a request? It can be yours with Quick Insight, a powerful marketing strategy analysis tool that works best for certain kinds of businesses.

Quick Insight does not demand much computer expertise. It installs easily and uses a friendly system of Cue Cards to guide you through developing a marketing analysis of your business. The product reflects its lineage as a down-market version of Business Resource Software Inc.'s highly regarded Business Insight, a $795 package targeted at Fortune 500 companies. Like its bigger sibling, Quick Insight draws on the accumulated wisdom of some 40 business and marketing experts to evaluate your answers to an extensive list of questions.

In fact, Quick Insight's greatest value may be in forcing you to answer all those questions: about the key players in your market, how their products or services compare with yours, your dependency on suppliers, pricing issues, marketing effectiveness, and a host of other issues every business owner will recognize but too few have considered carefully. Quick Insight leaves you no choice but to think about them.

Based on your input, you will be offered an extensive set of observations, a summary of your market situation, and a numerical evaluation score reflecting your potential to enter and satisfy your market, your competitive potential, and the likelihood that sales will generate profits. If your rating on the 100-point scale is below 80, Quick Insight allows you to examine those issues and problems you must address. The final report, which you can save and print, can run to 50 pages. It can even include extensive graphs.

If you are planning a business empire, Quick Insight should be one of your first acquisitions.


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