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Expert Edition generates 3D Charts to evaluate your strategy.

Each chart is accompanied by a full explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy.

You may choose to insert any of these charts in your business plan to document your strategy for success:
  • Industry Attractiveness
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Position Evaluation Graph
  • Price / Quality Matrix
  • GE Business Screen
    The vertical axis represents the industry attractiveness. Factors such as the bargaining power of the buyers and the suppliers, the internal rivalry and the threat of new entrants and substitutes are weighed and considered. The horizontal axis represents the firm's strength or ability to compete in the industry. The competitive strength includes an analysis of the value and quality of the offering, its market share, staying power, experience, etc.
    The circle on the matrix represents your enterprise. Both axes are divided into three segments, yielding nine cells. The nine cells are grouped into three zones:
    The Green Zone consists of the three cells in the upper left corner. If your enterprise falls in this zone you are in a favorable position with relatively attractive growth opportunities. This indicates a "green light" to invest in this product/service.
    The Yellow Zone consists of the three diagonal cells from the lower left to the upper right. A position in the yellow zone is viewed as having medium attractiveness. Management must therefore exercise caution when making additional investments in this product/service. The suggested strategy is to seek to maintain share rather than growing or reducing share.
    The Red Zone consists of the three cells in the lower right corner. A position in the red zone is not attractive. The suggested strategy is that management should begin to make plans to exit the industry.
  • Boston Consulting Group Matrix
  • Risk Matrix
  • Environmental Factors
  • Number and Size of Advantages
  • Market Forces
  • Product / Market Profitability
  • Capability and Propensity to Attack
  • Competitor Capabilities and Response
  • Portfolio Summary Matrix
  • Generic Strategies
  • Offering / Market Evolution Portfolio Matrix
  • Offering / Market Strategy
  • Directional Policy Matrix
  • Business Risk Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Offering Life Cycle / Customer's Loyalty
  • Tendency to Buy
  • Consumer Decision-making
  • Industrial Decision-making
  • Segmentation Matrix
  • Margin / Return Model
  • Offering and Market Change
  • Market Growth / Development Activity
  • Types of Product / Service
  • Price Sensitivity / Perceived Differences
  • Offering Life Cycle and Price
  • Retail Pricing
  • Pricing Strategy
  • The Brand / Commodity Matrix
  • Offering Life Cycle and Promotion
  • Use of Advertising and Personal Selling

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