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To impress an investor your marketing strategy must be bullet-proof.

Good Writing of a Good Plan
Expert Edition includes every feature of
Plan Write for Business for writing your business plan. It also adds the insight of experts to evaluate your marketing strategy.

Understanding your Strategy
The MBA Wizard asks you to characterize your business in every key area that could affect your success. The factors considered include:

   The Enterprise
Competitive Advantage
Name Recognition
Service & Support
Market Share
Ability to Promote
Staying Power
Options to Abandon
Propensity to Attack
Speed of Response

   The Market
Market Life Cycle
Market Growth Rate
Threat of Substitutes
Distribution Channels
Dependable Suppliers
Ease of Switching
Market Segments
Ways to Obtain Advantage

   The Environment
Government Action

   The Prospects
Price Sensitivity
Negotiating Strength
Impact of Failure
Risk of Purchase
Price Awareness
Customer Comment Marketing Strategy Software

“The expert analysis pointed out several things about our business that we had failed to consider. The software looked at our strategy from a different angle than we did.

Based on the analysis, we could change directions before committing our funds.”
      Mark McNeilly, Steve Gessner
      IBM Corporation
      System Strategy Department
Business Planning Business Planning

Insight from Strategy Experts
Your answers to the interview questions are compared against a Knowledge Base of proven principles of business success. The Knowledge Base is a combination of the business models published by 100+ marketing strategy experts, such as:

  • Michael Porter Five Forces Model
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Boston Consulting Group Matrix
  • GE Business Screen

Observations and Assertions
The Expert System makes observations about your business. Each factor is scored and weighted. You can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy.

Tracing to the Roots
Each observation made by the Expert System is supported by a list of all factors considered in the analysis. Every claim can be traced to its underlying assumptions. You can easily see how each answer you gave in describing your strategy influences the potential for success.

Charts to Guide your Strategy
Expert Edition generates 35 charts to help you adapt your strategy to your competitive environment. These charts can be added to your business plan to support and document your strategy for success.

More Expert System
planning tools:

Marketing Strategy
Develop the best
marketing strategy based
on proven business models.

Pricing Strategy
Maximize profits
or capture market
share with a customized
pricing strategy.

Sales Strategy
Formulate sales strategy
and tactics and receive
coaching to close more sales.

Marketing Plan
Plan and implement your
marketing strategy with
professional guidance.

Test Your Ideas
Forecast the
success potential
of entering new markets
or introducing new products.

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