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Plan Write guides you through the process of writing a summary of your business plan.

The summary covers every primary point of your business with a clear statement of your purpose, goals, unique assets, competitive strengths, and the risks involved.

2.0 Executive Summary

The summary includes a concise, but complete, description of the market, the market's need, how we propose to satisfy that need and the projected financial rewards.

2.1 Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality components and products in the industry.

2.2 The Enterprise
HiLight Inc. has been in the electrical components business for 2 years. We are a privately held C corporation with the objective of becoming a major participant in the components industry, targeting small to medium size businesses. We have been profitable in each of our first two years of operation and have established a strong relationship with numerous distributors throughout the southwestern U.S. We have established a work ethic and pride in providing high quality product at very competitive prices. We have been quite successful at this by concentrating on a relatively small number of component types. Financial results for the last two years and the projected third year are as follows:

Financial History       2003      2004      2005(projected)
Revenue $200,000$350,000$690,000
Profit Before Tax $5,000 $57,000$121,000
PBT % 3% 16%17%
Net Profit $4,000 $40,000$85,000

After ten months of operation, we can project this year's revenues and PBT for the component business to double the prior year results. For the coming year we are expanding our product line to include an assembled product called Smart-Lite. This will be our first effort at assembling a product. While this process is new to us, the potential rewards are great, allowing us to price the product in the $70 - $80 range versus component prices that are in the less than $1.00 range. We are projecting the first year revenue for this product to exceed the third year revenue for our components products. Our current facilities, located at 12300 East 7th St., Austin, Tx are expected to be adequate for the first year of production.

2.3 Personnel
Additional manufacturing personnel will be required for the components operation. Mostly new personnel will be required for the assembly operation. The three year projection for personnel is shown below.

Personnel ProjectionYr 1Yr 2Yr 3
Total Personnel 63 79 99

John Smith is HiLight Inc's founder, president and CEO. He also has 100% ownership of the business. He was educated at Andersen University, receiving B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering. He previously held positions with Jacobsen Engineering as a development engineer and Apex Electrical as the general manager. Mr. Smith left Apex in late 1987 to found HiLight Inc.

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