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Evaluate the potential of
new markets or product ideas
before making major investments.


Intelligent software designed for:
  • Product Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
Are you prepared to compete?

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Expert Knowledge
Quick Insight is intelligent software with a knowledge base that includes the primary curriculum in strategic planning published in the last 20 years. The software has been taught the principles of marketing strategy based upon the published works of 100+ experts. Quick Insight applies that expert system technology to analyze the potential market for any product.

Smarts and Experience
The knowledge base continues to grow as it is used by over half of the Fortune 500 companies in America.

Dialog with an Expert
Your dialog with Quick Insight is equivalent to an in-depth engagement with a consulting MBA trained in product planning. You describe your product and the experts apply their specialized knowledge to the unique circumstances of your market. Every recommendation from the expert can be justified by tracing the supporting rationale.

Customer Comment Marketing Strategy Software

Jordan Glogau, Sr. VP PowerNet

“I used Quick Insight on two projects the first day I received it. As I have come to expect from your company, the analysis was right on target!”
Business Planning Business Planning

Go or NoGo
Quick Insight can be used to decide to fund or kill a new product idea. The expert system evaluates the product, the competition, and the market to determine the potential for success.

Customer Comment Marketing Strategy Software

Bill Bollinger, Project Manager
Multi-Option Systems

“Quick Insight is like having a $2000 a day business consultant on call.”
Business Planning Business Planning

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