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Plan Write for Pricing

Evaluate Your Sales Potential
There are many factors that impact the success of a pricing strategy that are often overlooked due to external and internal pressures. Plan Write for Pricing can evaluate pricing from a non-biased and expert point of view. You will receive a complete analysis of your sales potential.

Success Factors
You'll receive a complete analysis of the sales potential, including ratings of specific factors that directly impact your success. Factors evaluated include:
  • History of Your Prospects as a Customer
  • Prospect's Perception
  • Prospect's Knowledge
  • Price versus Prospect's Budget
  • Prospect's Affluence
  • Prospect's Need for Your Product or Service

Graphical Analysis
This chart measures the value of your offering as compared to its price. It illustrates the relationship between price/value and the implications of the position to your business.

There are several charts, each providing insightful information about your pricing strategy.

Non-Biased Reporting
Plan Write for Pricing will provide you with a non-biased analysis report. It simply weighs the facts and reports its findings. You may be told that your price is too high or too low. Plus, you will receive a thorough explanation of the logic behind the analysis.

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