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Plan Write for Pricing

Determine the Optimal Price
Whether your goal is to maximize profits or capture market share, Plan Write for Pricing will help you determine the price to achieve that goal. After answering a series of questions you will be presented with information that will allow you to set the optimal price.
Key Factors
Numerous issues are presented to assure that all factors are addressed to help you determine the optimal price. Categories include:
  • The Market
  • The Prospect
  • The Competition
  • Your Company
  • Pricing Concepts

Evaluate Options
You can evaluate your pricing options by reviewing the various analyses provided by Plan Write for Pricing. In fact, just within this Pricing Flexibility analysis it addresses several issues, including:
  • High Price Sensitivity
  • Penetration Pricing Strategy
  • Comparable Price versus Competition
  • Price History
  • Price Relative to Prospects Budget
  • Government Control

Alternative Pricing Strategies
Because the analysis is automated, it is quick and easy to test alternative pricing strategies. You might try a low price point and then review the analysis to see how that strategy might produce positive or negative results. Continue to alternate your approach until you find one that meets your objectives.

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