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Write a pricing plan with Plan Write  

Plan Write® for Pricing


Determines the optimal price
for any product or service
and documents the rationale
for that price.


  • Maximize profits
  • Capture market share
            Develop a strategic pricing plan
            with expert assistance.


more information:

1. Optimal Price
2. Evaluate Potential
3. Financial Projections
4. Pricing Objectives
5. Document Strategy



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Determine the Optimal Price
Consider all of the factors that influence your goal to either maximize profits or capture market share.

Evaluate Your Sales Potential
Review an analysis of your sales potential from a non-biased and expert point of view.

Consider the Financial Projections
Evaluate your pricing decision by measuring various financial approaches.

Clarify Your Pricing Objectives
Get the backing of management and the support of sales when implementing your pricing strategy.

Document Your Pricing Strategy
Present your strategic pricing plan in a professional and polished report that reflects your strategic evaluation.


A Rational Basis for Pricing

  • pricing objectives
  • risk factors
  • internal price pressures
  • external price pressures
  • management support

Customer Comment Marketing Strategy Software

Jim Sams
Creative Data Research

“Plan Write for Pricing pointed out the problems with our pricing strategy. It strengthened the final pricing decision by eliminating costly second-guessing.”

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