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Kent started Business Resource Software (BRS), Inc. in 1984 with partners Jerry Spencer and Bert Brown. His career started in 1962 at IBM in New York, after which he moved to Boeing and worked for several years as their resident expert on a disruptive technology of the era database technology. Kent also became the youngest participant in Boeing's “Management under 30” program. After a successful stint as an entrepreneur, Kent ended up working for Intel in 1978 by way of MRI Systems Corp. in Austin, Texas, which was sold to Intel that year. After leaving Intel in 1980 to do consulting work for venture capital companies in evaluating enterprises, Kent again settled into the entrepreneurial role and started Bible Research Systems, developing the first computerized Bible for personal computers. Moving from that still-profitable company, Kent used his management and strategic planning experience to conceptualize BRS's flagship product, Business Insight® and focused on bringing that product to market successfully.


Co-founder Jerry Spencer has been in the software business for over 30 years. He met his future partners, Kent Ochel and Bert Brown, at MRI Systems Corp. in Austin, Texas in the 1970s, where Jerry was leading a development team in developing and delivering an IBM mainframe Database Management System, System 2000. Jerry stayed at MRI for six years after Intel's purchase of the company, holding various development, planning and marketing roles, including leading the strategic planning for one of Intel's sixteen business units. In 1984, Jerry left MRI to start BRS, working patiently with Kent and Bert on the painstaking process of making an expert system for strategic planning and analysis a reality for business owners.

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