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Business Resource Software, Inc.

Corporate Background

Business Resource Software (BRS), Inc. develops and sells business planning products that prove out business ideas, make them better, and guide companies toward revenue. Its business, marketing, sales and pricing planning software has been purchased by over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in the US, but also accommodates one-person start-ups. BRS products have received favorable reviews by customers and media, gaining wide acceptance across several industries in the US, Europe and Canada.

A privately held company, BRS has remained profitable for over 25 years of economic and technology shifts, and its products help customers do the same. In fact, BRS products are still being conceptualized and developed by its co-founders, ensuring continuity in product quality and an intense personal investment in customer satisfaction. These co-founders, Kent Ochel, Jerry Spencer, and Bert Brown integrate their years of business, industry, planning and operations experience with technology for practical, efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly products. The concepts and platforms behind BRS products can be adapted to any business – brick-and-mortar, Internet, or service – and to internal transitions and external influences. Many failed companies would have regrouped, refocused, or otherwise revamped, had they taken advantage of BRS products – using pricing, selling, profit, competitive landscape, barriers and demand as determinants of success and failure.

Kent, Jerry, and Bert have a proven record of business and operations with over 60 years of combined experience in strategic planning, computer programming, software development, and in guiding emerging technology concepts to development. Starting at IBM in New York in 1962, Kent also worked at Boeing before launching his own business and eventually working as COO for MRI Systems in Austin, Texas, where he met Jerry and Bert. The three saw MRI through its sale to Intel in 1978 and stayed until 1984, when they founded BRS.

The first product, Business Insight®, was brought to market in 1991 and gained recognition in several computer and industry publications. That success prompted Jerry and Kent to parse out business elements into full products to more fully support the booming small business market. The first immediate result was Plan Write® for Business, followed in 1994 by Plan Write for Marketing. Subsequent products include: Quick Insight® (1996); Plan Write Expert Edition (1997); and Insight for Sales Strategy (1999), the first expert system tool to enter the growing Sales Force Automation category. Four additional products were introduced in 2001 in technology marketing, pricing, sales and planning collaboration to round out a full suite of business planning products.

BRS was built based on concepts of using a personal, hands-on approach to deliver practical applications that businesses can use to bring a successful product or service to the marketplace. The company has sustained its “Insight for Marketing Excellence” approach while proving that a small company can delivery quality and integrity to customers of every size.

BRS product reviews have been featured in such publications as PC Magazine, Information Week, Newsweek, Business 2.0, Success and Home Office Computing. Company headquarters are in Georgetown, Texas 78628. The telephone number is or .

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