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Business Insight creates charts to describe your position in the market. The expert system evaluates your business in comparison with your competition and the market. Each graph shows areas where you excel or drag behind.

Choose any chart:
Competitive Advantage
Potential Generic Strategies
Strategic Factors
Environmental Factors
Environmental Risk Matrix
Tendency to Buy
Price Sensitivity
Product & Market Change
Industrial Decision Making
Product Life Cycle
Capacity & Propensity to Attack
Sales Volume
Product Market Profitability
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product Competitive Position
Industry Attractiveness
Marketing Strategy Matrix
Directional Policy Matrix
Business Risk Analysis
Market Forces
Internal Factors

Description of the Model
This is a graphical display of strategic factors. The strongest enterprise would have all points at the outer limit of the chart.

Each factor is rated between zero and one hundred. To have a reasonable chance for successful implementation of your marketing strategy, each of the strategic factors should have a rating of 70 or higher.
  Characterize Your Enterprise
The expert system will position your enterprise on the chart based upon your description of:
  • market penetration
  • demographic trends
  • price sensitivity
  • product differentiation
  • competitor's staying power
  • proprietary technology
  • competitive rivalry
You can trace through the supporting analysis and its conclusions, adjusting your input until you are satisfied your description accurately characterizes your enterprise.
Environment factors have a 75.42 rating for your enterprise. Prospect factors have a 50.67 rating for your enterprise. Competition factors have a 46.11 rating for your enterprise. Product factors have a 64.67 rating for your enterprise. Market entry factors have a rating of 65.99 rating for your enterprise. Profit potential has a 49.16 rating for your enterprise.

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