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Business Insight creates charts to describe your position in the market. The expert system evaluates your business in comparison with your competition and the market. Each graph shows areas where you excel or drag behind.

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Competitive Advantage
Potential Generic Strategies
Strategic Factors
Environmental Factors
Environmental Risk Matrix
Tendency to Buy
Price Sensitivity
Product & Market Change
Industrial Decision Making
Product Life Cycle
Capacity & Propensity to Attack
Sales Volume
Product Market Profitability
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product Competitive Position
Industry Attractiveness
Marketing Strategy Matrix
Directional Policy Matrix
Business Risk Analysis
Market Forces
Internal Factors

Description of the Model
This chart graphically displays the potential for your enterprise to implement each of the generic strategies.
  Characterize Your Enterprise
The expert system will position your enterprise based upon your description of:
  • market segmentation
  • product differentiation
  • distribution channels
  • enterprise reputation
  • relative pricing
  • cost controls
  • economies of scale
You can trace through the supporting analysis and its conclusions, adjusting your input until you are satisfied your description accurately characterizes your enterprise.
Analysis of Your Enterprise Position
A COST LEADERSHIP STRATEGY is based on the enterprise's ability to control their operating costs so well that they are able to price their products or services very competitively and still generate high profit margins, thus having a significant competitive edge. A DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY involves the offering of a product or service that is clearly unique when compared to alternatives. Uniqueness can take many forms such as brand image, technology, functionality, customer service, dealer networks and many others. It is likely that differentiation will involve a combination of two or more of these forms. A FOCUS STRATEGY may be the most sophisticated of the generic strategies, in that it is a more intense form of either the cost leadership or differentiation strategy. It is designed to address a focused segment of the marketplace, product form or cost management process and is usually employed when it isn't appropriate to attempt an across the board application of cost leadership or differentiation. It is based on the concept of serving a particular target in such an exceptional manner, that others cannot compete. Usually this means addressing a substantially smaller market segment than others in the industry, but because of minimal competition profit margins can be very high.

A Differentiation Focus strategy has a .72 rating for your enterprise. A Differentiation strategy has a .73 rating for your enterprise. A Cost Focus strategy has a .47 rating for your enterprise. A Cost Leadership strategy has a .36 rating for your enterprise.

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