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1. Identify Market
2. Document Strategy
3. Prepare Budget
4. Produce Document
5. Execute Plan




Plan Write® for Marketing

Prepare Your Budget
Seeking venture capital or budget approval, you need clearly defined and comprehensive financial statements. It is important to allocate adequate funds for implementing your strategy and supporting your staff. It is equally important that your projections are consistent with the market potential.
Make Your Projections
When making your financial projections, the numbers need to be specific enough to allow for checkpoints that management can comfortably use. Too much detail however, tends to distract from the operational objectives of the plan.

Plan Write for Marketing provides you with monthly, quarterly, and five year spreadsheets for:
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Sales Expenses
  • Sales Revenue
Demonstrate Your Potential
When numbers are not enough to demonstrate your potential, Plan Write for Marketing will automatically generate graphical charts to show:
  • Revenue per sales person
  • Revenue versus marketing expense
  • Revenue versus sales expense
As your financial projections change, the charts will adjust automatically to reflect your potential.

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