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1. Identify Market
2. Document Strategy
3. Prepare Budget
4. Produce Document
5. Execute Plan




Plan Write® for Marketing

Document Your Strategy
Determining the proper marketing strategy is key to your success. Plan Write for Marketing will walk you through the process of documenting that strategy. If you have not yet determined the best strategic approach and would like expert assistance, check out our Business Insight product.
Cover the Bases
A major portion of your marketing plan will be the written details of your marketing strategy. There are many factors to consider and Plan Write for Marketing will ensure that you have documented them all, including:
  • Pricing strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Market shares
  • Type of sales force
  • Sales support activities
  • Critical dependencies
  • Channels of distribution
  • Advertising commitment
  • Promotional commitment
  • Use of outside agencies
Establish Tactics and Assign Responsibility
The next step is to outline the tactics that are necessary to carry out your strategy. You need to:
  • Identify specific tasks
  • Assign responsibility
  • Determine starting and ending dates
  • Estimate costs
Plan Write for Marketing provides assistance through the Milestones tool. From here you can plan, implement, and track the progress of your marketing strategy at work.

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