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1. Identify Market
2. Document Strategy
3. Prepare Budget
4. Produce Document
5. Execute Plan




Plan Write® for Marketing

Identify Your Market
Plan Write for Marketing will help you think through the issues relevant to a professional marketing plan. The first step is to identify your market. Knowing who you are selling to is key to determining how to sell to them. Also identify your competitors and their influence in the marketplace.

Through each step of the process you will receive help from:
  1. Rationale describing what to do
  2. Examples that help you get started
  3. Full functional word processing
Document the Relevant Factors
Plan Write for Marketing helps you to describe the general characteristics of market segments that have a potential need to acquire your products or services. You will consider:
  • Environmental influences
  • The needs of the marketplace
  • The geographic and demographic distribution characteristics of your target market(s)
  • Current and projected market sizes
  • The kind of competition you will be facing

Consider the Competition
Identifying your competition and their market share is just one part of the process where Plan Write for Marketing helps. You will also want to focus on your strongest competitor and determine:
  • Why they are so strong
  • Tactics to respond to their efforts
  • Why your tactics will succeed
Other things to consider are the competitor's:
  • Image
  • Product/service characteristics
  • Financial strength
  • Commitment to the market
Plan Write for Marketing provides you the tools you need to properly identify your market.

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