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Managers Package

Manage the growth and success of your department or product line.
  • Focus your resources on the best opportunities
  • Receive budget approval
  • Target your most profitable markets
  • Improve your profitability through pricing strategy

Managers are faced with the challenge of producing increasing results with decreasing resources. Success depends on a sound strategic approach and the proper planning of resources, marketing, and pricing.

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Marketing Strategy
Business Insight Business Insight
Find the perfect strategic approach to market your products or services. Business Insight will help focus your resources on marketing opportunities that best match your strengths while considering the market conditions and competition. It produces graphic charts that depict your position using cutting edge strategic marketing models, observations that identify inconsistencies in your current strategy, and suggestions for improvement. It is the most comprehensive Intelligent Business Software available.

  Business Plan
Plan Write Expert Edition Plan Write Expert Edition
Getting budget approval is highly dependant on justifying your budget, effective use of resources and alignment with corporate goals. A complete and polished business plan that showcases the effectiveness of your business model and its positive impact on the bottom line is key to gaining upper-management approval. Plan Write Expert Edition provides structure, automatic financial calculation and expert analysis of your business model.

Marketing Plan
Plan Write for Marketing Plan Write for Marketing
Develop and execute a successful strategic marketing plan for maximum ROI. Target your most profitable markets, improve your perception in the market with effective promotion campaigns, and effectively manage your resources. Combine this with professional financial spreadsheets and colorful charts for a truly impressive marketing plan document.

Pricing Strategy
Plan Write for Pricing Plan Write for Pricing
Maximize profits or capture market share with a customized pricing strategy. Plan Write for Pricing will analyze the internal and external forces that impact your profitability and sales potential. You will eliminate costly second-guessing and clarify your objectives to upper-management, marketing and sales. The final result will be a comprehensive documentation of your pricing strategy, complete with financial justification and graphic charts.

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