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Plan Write for
Hi-Tech Marketing

Maximize Your Marketing Potential
Before you can begin documenting your marketing plan, it is essential to identify your strengths and abilities. Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing will assess these by learning about your:
  • Company
  • Product or Service
  • Competition
  • Marketplace
  • Prospects
  • Distribution
  • Environment
Leverage Your Strengths
One of over 35 charts created is the Position Evaluation Graph which compares the attributes of your product or service with the best of your competition. This evaluation will help you to identify your strengths and consider how you can leverage them in forming your marketing strategy.

Receive Expert Advice
The expert analysis points out factors that are critical to your success. Each written analysis is a dynamically generated and customized report.

As you read through the written analysis you can view the supporting arguments by clicking on the words in blue. This will enable you to modify your strategy and immediately determine the benefits of that change.

Address the Problems
A top level analysis reveals the major factors contributing to your success potential. From here, you can quickly assess your marketing strengths and weaknesses. With each identified, you can determine how you can leverage your strengths and compensate for the weaknesses.

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