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Plan Write for
Hi-Tech Marketing

Receive Expert Marketing Guidance
If you have ever wanted the help of another marketing expert, now you have got it! Along with the step-by-step rationale suggesting what to do and how to do it, you will receive an added bonus from over 400 pages of marketing expertise.
Ask the Experts
We have completely integrated the electronic version of The Product Marketing Handbook for Software into Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing. As you are documenting your marketing plan or planning your tactical steps, extensive help is just a mouse click away.

Don't let the title fool you. Any high tech marketer will benefit from the extensive assistance provided by Merrill (Rick) Chapman's book.

Receive Help Immediately
One of many examples is, while working on your branding strategy simply click on the hyper-links to the electronic marketing book to receive help on:
  • Brand Components
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Integration and Persistence
  • Brand Attachment
  • Brand Limitations
  • Should Your company Invest in Branding?

Learn from Others
Learning from other's mistakes and success is much easier than the trial and error process of doing it all on your own. In this example you will benefit from one company's collateral creation nightmare. You will find the Results, Lessons, and Conclusions invaluable as you begin implementing your marketing plan.

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