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Plan Write for
Hi-Tech Marketing

Measure the Results
In any metrics-based marketing plan you must measure the effectiveness of your efforts. However, establishing a baseline can be difficult if you are attempting a new strategy. Now you will have a head start with the help of the pre-populated data within Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing.
Get Started Quicker
The typical costs of numerous marketing expenses have been calculated for you, allowing you to quickly project your marketing budget. In this example, the cost for developing and producing marketing collateral is shown. It details:
  • Brochure
  • Case Studies
  • Comparison Sheets
  • Design
  • Folders
  • And much more

Make it Look Professional
After you have projected your revenue, marketing and sales expenses, and distribution channel volumes the rest is easy. Professional charts are created automatically giving your marketing plan a professional look. Charts included are:
  • Personnel Count
  • Revenue per Sales Person (detailed and 5 year)
  • Revenue vs Marketing Expense
  • Total Promotion Expense
  • Promotion Expense by Year
  • Revenue vs Sales Expense
  • Revenue vs Total Expense
  • Distribution Channel Volumes
  • Market Share

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