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Plan Write for
Hi-Tech Marketing

Achieve a Tactical Advantage
Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or new to the position, identifying the tactical steps to carry out your marketing plan is a major effort. Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing has identified many of these for you already.
Use Our Checklists
There is no reason to re-invent the wheel. Use our checklists to complete your work quicker and be assured that all issues have been considered.

In this example, you are prompted to identify why you are offering a sales promotion along with numerous other factors that will shape your promotional efforts. This is just one of many that will help you achieve a tactical advantage.

Assign Responsibility
Presenting at a trade show requires extensive planning and coordination of efforts. You need to identify specific tasks, assign responsibility, determine starting and ending dates, and estimate costs. Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing provides assistance in planning and implementing.

Tradeshows are just one of the many tactical efforts where you will receive assistance. Others include:
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Naming
  • Collateral
  • PR
  • Advertising
  • and many others

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