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1. Tactical Advantage
2. Measured Results
3. Expert Guidance
4. Maximize Potential
5. Plan and Execute



Hi Tech Industry Checklists
We provide detailed checklists for marketing objectives in the hi tech industry. The checklists save you time and assure you have covered every issue. Each list includes specific tasks, assigned responsibilities, start & end dates, and estimated costs. You can use the checklists to plan:
  • Trade Show Participation
  • Market Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Naming
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • and many more...

Estimating Costs from Real Data
The typical costs of detailed marketing expenses have been documented from actual data in the hi tech industry. These actual costs are valuable guides in projecting your own budget and are presented in numerous 3D Color Charts:

  • Personnel count
  • Revenue per Sales Person
  • Promotion Expenses
  • Revenue vs Sales Expense
  • Distribution Channel Volumes
  • and many more...

Ask the Experts
As you plan every tactical step, advice is instantly available from experts in the hi tech industry. Each topic in your marketing plan is linked to the relevant topic in The Product Marketing Handbook for Software (by Rick Chapman). Examples are included showing the success and failure of other hi tech companies in implementing the marketing tasks you are planning.

Expert Audit of Your Strategy
An expert-system Strategy Wizard asks you to characterize your marketing in every key area that could affect your success. Your answers are matched against a knowledge base of proven marketing principles. The Wizard makes observations about your business. Each factor is scored and weighted. You can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing plan. Each observation made by the Wizard is supported by a list of all factors considered in the analysis. Every claim can be traced to its underlying assumptions. You can easily see how each answer you gave in describing your strategy influences the potential for success.

Customer Comment

Merrill Rick Chapman, Author
The Product Marketing Handbook for Software

“Plan Write for Hi Tech Marketing integrates all the tools required to do marketing planning. Real activities, real budgets, real schedules from a lifetime of experience in the hi tech industry.”

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