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Our customers range from a one-person-startup to over 50% of the Fortune 500. We regularly hear from our customers telling us how our products have helped them:
  • Receive funding
  • Get a promotion
  • Market their product
  • Save money by not introducing a doomed product
  • Accomplish many other strategic goals (too many to mention)
Click here for a list of some of the Fortune 500 companies who have benefited from Business Resource Software products.

Here is what some have said:

Philip Kotler, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University
“For years I've advocated that companies need to perform marketing audits to check their strategic fit to the changing market environment. Business Insight goes further. It not only gives insight into the marketing side of the business, but into the company's total business. One can hardly fail to spot problems and opportunities in submitting their business situation to the disciplined appraisal provided by Business Insight.

Strategic Planning Analyst, Advanced Micro Devices
Plan Write for Business provided complete flexibility to organize the outline and associated text, charts and spreadsheets.”

President, US Lotteries
“My result was $2 million!”

Mark McNeilly, Steve Gessner, System Strategy Department, IBM
“We are responsible for market analysis and strategy recommendations in the System Strategy Department at IBM in Rochester, MN, home of the AS/400 minicomputer. One question we skeptically asked ourselves was, will this software really give us any insights we hadn't thought of? (After all, the program is called Business Insight.) The answer is, it did!”

John Sviokla, Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Business
“In my capacity here at Harvard I am exposed to many of the new tools for business and strategic planning. Business Insight is the best I have seen.”

Richard Wiser, VP Financial Planning, Mary Kay Cosmetics
“Using Business Insight is like having Michael Porter on call. It is like a refresher course for my MBA education.”

Lew Hoff, President, Bartizan Corporation
“Bartizan is a multimillion-dollar manufacturing firm. Business Insight saved us at least $150,000, and probably closer to a quarter million, by warning us away from what looked like a lucrative opportunity.”

Owner, Fast Set Coatings, Inc.
"Plan Write for Business saved us untold man hours, was loaded with examples, and forced us to think of things we wouldn't have considered otherwise in our business plan."

Robert Alexander, Southeast Sales Manager, Nortel Networks, Inc.
"Insight for Sales Strategy is absolutely one of the best Sales programs I have seen that solve the complex sale - particularly for me in the high-tech industry. I will be showing this to my Vice President as the tool of choice to complement our Target Account Selling methodology (TAS). Be expecting more orders!"

Jonathan Todd, President, SabreMark Inc.
“As a special marketing consulting firm hired by governments here and abroad, by business and by other consultants seeking enhanced market share for themselves and their clients, I need the best marketing tools available, worldwide. Quick Insight spit out a report literally better than I would have received for $50,000 with the big management firms. I have repeatedly found your programs to be highly accurate. I have even tested known cases with limited information and have seen exceptionally targeted, valid results. SabreMark uses your products as part of our service to nearly all clients now. I am thrilled with the availability of an advocate who resides in my computer. What a great partner to have!”

Herman Hamm, Vice Chairman, SCORE Chapter
Quick Insight will be an invaluable tool in the hands of SBA, SBDC and SCORE counselors and clients.”

Bill Staake, Kettley Publishing - Financial Services Software
“I have been a user of your Plan Write for Marketing and your Plan Write Expert Edition for some time now, and have been extremely satisfied. Your product helped me lead the marketing organization from startup to market dominance in a very short period of time. My company works in a financial services niche market so our sales don't compare to your Fortune 500 success stories but nonetheless I am a very satisfied customer. I have just started using your Quick Insight and Business Insight and am unbelievably impressed. These products have paid for themselves the first two days. I am now using all of your products to direct the efforts of two startups ... so I need all the help I can get. Thanks again for your quality service.”

Jim Glantz, BYOB, Inc.
“Your software is wonderful! It's like having the Wharton School of Business in my computer. It has already saved me much time in developing a marketing strategy for a product launch. I do not have the business savvy that some with extensive business education and background may possess, yet, with your software giving proper guidance, I have gained a great sense of self-confidence about where I am taking my company and when I expect to hit certain milestones. Your product doesn't cost... it keeps paying! Your software is helping me achieve my dream. Thank you.”

Paul McMannis, President, The Bell-Mason Group
“I look at hundreds of business plans in a year. Quick Insight will become a standard tool in my practice.”

Geoffrey Wade, Emerging Technologies, Emtek Pty Ltd.
"Insight for Sales Strategy is clearly a next generation product. Anyone who has taken any sales course will see the need for it."

"The expert system forces me to think through my strategy on every sale. The questions and the analysis point out issues that are critical to closing the sale."

"I was surprised by how easy the program is to use, especially dealing with such a complex subject."

"My sales forecasts are now backed by real data. The program sends my projections to my sales manager along with the analysis supporting the forecast. When I ask for resources to close a sale, the analysis of the account helps my sales manager justify the request."

"The price is recouped with every sale I close. It's a great buy!"

President, J. D. Associates
"The combination of Plan Write for Business detailed outline, professional word processor, integrated spreadsheet with financial templates and graph generator allowed me to create a business plan that impressed even the most demanding investors."

Turn Around Specialist
"Plan Write Expert Edition not only produced a great plan but also produced an air-tight strategy for next year."

Jordan Glogau, Senior Vice President, PowerNet
“I used Quick Insight on two projects the first day I received it. As I have come to expect from your company, the analysis was right on target!

Consultant, Diamondback International Inc.
"Using Plan Write for Business, I am able to add, delete and modify outline topics, personalizing the Business plan to my client's business. It provides an excellent outline of topics appropriate for any business plan."

Operations Manager, Multi-Option Systems, Inc.
“Experience told me a marketing plan was essential for a successful product launch. I found Plan Write for Marketing to be complete and easy to use with features not often found in business software. My professional plan and ultimately successful product launch convinced me of this tools usefulness.”

President, Medical Online Resources
“As we prepared to take our product to market, we needed a marketing plan. Plan Write for Marketing forced me to think and research aspects we wouldn't have considered otherwise.”

Jack Dwyer, Principal, J.D. and Associates
“The output is just terrific for internal and external presentations. Quick Insight really illustrates the direction clearly and concisely.”

Fortune 500 Companies:

Over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have purchased our software. Below is a small sample of those and others who have benefited from Business Resource Software products.

Abbott Laboratories
Agilent Technologies
Airborne Freight
Airtouch Communications
Allied Signal
American Express
American International Group
American Management Assoc.
American Red Cross
Applied Materials
Arthur Andersen
Avery Dennison
Avista Corp.
AVON Products
B.F. Goodrich
Bank Boston Corp.
Bank of America
Barnes & Noble
Baxter International
Bear Stearns
Bell Atlantic
Bell Canada
Bergen Brunswig
Berkshire Hathaway
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Boise Cascade
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Central & South West
Chase Manhattan Corp.
Cisco Systems
CMS Eenergy
Columbia Energy Group
Computer Sciences
Dell Computer
Dow Chemical
Eastman Chemical
Eastman Kodak Company
Electronic Data Systems
Eli Lilly
Fannie Mae
First Union Corp.
Fleetwood Enterprises
Freddie Mac
General Electric
General Mills
Glaxo Wellcome
Guardian Life Ins.
Hershey Foods
Hormel Foods
Ikon Office Solutions
Intel Corporation
ITT Industries
J.P. Morgan & Co.
John Hancock Mutual Life Ins.
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls
Leggett & Platt
Lincoln National
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies
Marriott International
MCI WorldCom
Merrill Lynch
Mervyns California
Metropolitan Life Insurance
Nationwide Ins.Enterprise
Niagara Mohawk Power
Northeast Utilities
Northrop Grumman
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins.
Oxford Health Plans
Parker Hannifin
PECO Energy
Pharmacia & Upjohn
Phelps Dodge
Pitney Bowes
PPG Industries
Principal Financial
Procter & Gamble
Provident Corp.
Publix Super Markets
Red Cross
Rockwell International
Sara Lee
Seagate Technology
Sears Roebuck
Shaw Industries
Sherwin Williams
Smith & Wesson
Special Olympics
SYSCO Corporation
Texas Instruments
Texas Utilities
Time Warner
U.S. Bancorp
Union Camp
Union Carbide
United HealthCare
United Technologies
US Army Corps of Engineers
US West
W.W. Grainger
Walt Disney
Wells Fargo
Wrangler/VF Jeanswear
York International

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