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Consultants Package

Expand Your Services
  • Assess your client's strengths and weaknesses
  • Help your client acquire funding
  • Layout an execution plan of your strategic vision
  • Assess your client's pricing model
  • Perform a quick analysis of products or markets
  • Improve your client's sales potential

Providing value for clients is an increasingly demanding task that requires
consultants to work smarter. Our Intelligent Business Software will simplify
your efforts and pay for itself with your first engagement.
Address your client needs at any stage of their business evolution.

All of these resources
for only $1475

($369 savings!)

plus free listing for one year
in the directory of consultants

Business Audit
Business Insight Business Insight
Automate the client interview and analysis process with Business Insight. It will create a SWOT analysis and over 30 charts automatically into PowerPoint. Use the most comprehensive Intelligent Business Software to help your client:
  • develop the perfect strategic plan
  • focus resources into optimal markets
  • adapt to changing market conditions
  • crush the competition
  Business Plan
Plan Write Expert Edition Plan Write Expert Edition
Why re-invent the wheel every time you write a business plan? Use Plan Write Expert Edition as your partner to stimulate your thinking, simplify your effort and provide structure to the planning process. It is the only Intelligent Business Software available for writing a business plan.
  Marketing Plan
Plan Write for Marketing Plan Write for Marketing
Plan Write for Marketing will help ensure that your vision is flawlessly executed with a written document that clearly articulates the implementation plan.

Pricing Strategy
Plan Write for Pricing Plan Write for Pricing
Take the guesswork out of pricing and impress your client with a pricing analysis and written justification. Plan Write for Pricing will analyze the internal and external forces that impact your client's profitability and sales potential.

Market Viability
Quick Insight Quick Insight
Quick Insight will quickly help you identify profitable markets, competitive advantages, and client strengths that are necessary for a successful engagement. It will create a PowerPoint presentation that will impress your client and imbed you deeper into their business.

Sales Plan
Plan Write for Sales Plan Write for Sales
Plan Write for Sales will help developed a solid sales strategy and tactical plan to overcome shortfalls and eliminate missed opportunities. Most sales organizations have never written a sales plan and will benefit from your efforts to guide them through a more strategic approach to planning.

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