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A Marketing Check List

Cooper Cameron Corporation
When Cooper Cameron Corporation, a Houston based petroleum and industrial equipment manufacturer with annual sales of about $1.5 billion, recently restructed a portion of its marketing organization, they turned to Business Resources Software (BRS) for help. BRS' unique software package, Business Insight, became the centerpiece of a two week seminar in marketing basics for a key group of Cooper Cameron managers.
"My goal was to provide the product managers with resources to make their marketing efforts more effective. I wanted to introduce the software and then encourage them to use the tools to enhance their efforts," the Director of Marketing Products, explained.
For writing effective business plans, he introduced Plan Write for Business. "I showed the group what a business plan looks like, then showed them a great tool for creating that plan. Business Plan Write provides an outstanding check list for building the plan and taking into consideration every aspect of the offering."
"I introduced Business Insight to the managers as an effective tool to analyze the offering, both product and service, before a new product launch. Business Insight establishes a structured planning procedure. Business Insight provides the incentive to investigate strategic concepts not previously considered, and takes a look at the qualitative or 'soft' issues rather than providing a hard, quantitative analysis."


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