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Northwestern University, Philip Kotler, Distinguished Professor of Marketing
For years, I've advocated that companies need to perform periodic marketing audits to check their strategic fit to the changing market environment. Business Insight goes further: it not only gives insight into the marketing side of the business but into the company's total business situation, and its strengths and weaknesses. One can hardly fail to spot problems and opportunities in submitting their business situation to the disciplined appraisal provided by Business Insight.
John Hopkins University, Andrew Polcha, Adjunct Professor
I teach a class in Strategic Planning in Management at the Graduate level for the Master of Science in Business Management program and use Business Insight as the primary tool for reviewing case studies taken from the Harvard Business School series. So far we have reviewed Sturm Ruger (a fire arms manufacturer) and Ben and Jerry's (an ice cream producer). A major benefit in using Business Insight is my ability to pre-populate portions of the strategy and have each team of students work on other specific aspects of the strategy, such as competition. The product is a 'natural' for teaching the concepts of strategic planning.
Keller Graduate School of Management, Cecil Horst, Professor
The students in my strategic management courses found great value in the comprehensive analytical framework Business Insight utilizes. The analysis function, especially, was very useful to point out inconsistencies in students' strategic plans.
Harvard Graduate School of Business, John Sviokla, Assistant Professor
In my capacity here at Harvard I am exposed to many of the new tools for business and strategic planning. Business Insight is the best I have seen.
St. Edwards University, Fred Patterson, Adjunct Professor
I use Business Insight in my MBA course and have found it to be a most comprehensive example of expert systems technology. Business Insight should be an essential element in the implementation of any management support system. After extensive exposure to Business Insight my students and I came away as real believers.
Idaho State University, Bob Watts, Professor
I teach information systems and use Business Insight in an MIS class. I usually have 30-40 students per class. What is so impressive is how it opens their eyes to the numerous questions one needs to consider when evaluating a marketing strategy. It's a great educational tool.
Old Dominion University, Dennis Ackerman, Professor
I think Business Insight is the best product I have ever seen for causing one to seriously think about a business. Just going through the list of questions is of significant value, even before you have fully responded and produced an assessment.
Simon Fraser University, Jim Matkin, Adjunct Professor
I use Business Insight in my Executive MBA course on Entrepreneurism. The product is well suited to application in a group environment (our teams consist of 5 students each). The value in the product stems from it's tremendous training approach to marketing strategy. After my initial experience with using Business Insight I have no doubt it will continue to be a mainstay in future courses.
Business Insight is used in business courses by more than 150 of the leading universities in the world.


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