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Winning a Federal Grant

As a new enterprise, Panthera Tigris wanted some expert help to insure that they would not become a 'mortality rate statistic'. After using Business Insight to develop a successful strategy, the chief executive says, "Without Business Insight we would have engaged in a different strategy and, in hindsight, we can see that the marketplace would have 'eaten us alive'."

Fred Loewen is the Managing Director of Panthera Tigris. The business was established in 1991 as an information brokerage house specializing in the research and promotion of trade opportunities in the Pacific Rim. For firms that wish to pursue trade opportunities, but lack certain in-house expertise, Panthera Tigris also offers a market-research-report search service and provides links to a network of other firms in the Pacific Rim. The business is located in Canada and was recently awarded a federal government grant for their unique services.

Describing their early efforts to define a marketing strategy Mr. Loewen says, "I looked for software to help. Many packages focused on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of strategic analysis. For our needs no one seemed to cover both angles adequately enough. I realized that in order to cover both angles to my satisfaction, we probably needed two separate programs. For the qualitative analysis we selected Business Insight. It offered everything we had been looking for in a qualitative strategic analysis business tool."

Although a software expert system had never been used in the organization, it was embraced because of the features and benefits it offered and how closely these matched our needs. Business Insight was used from the start because;

The economic environment of the 1990's has, so far, been characterized by downsizing, restructuring and bankruptcies. Planning is vital in such a volatile and harsh business environment.
We were entering an industry that is relatively new and, as with many new industries, has a 'high mortality rate' among new entrants.
Despite the newness of the industry a number of major players have established themselves in the larger markets. As a small business, Panthera Tigris was determined to carve out a market niche for itself.
Due to the difficult conditions of entry it was crucial to identify a market niche that looked relatively untapped and to develop a unique way of working that niche. Business Insight's question and answer process was invaluable in helping us reach a point where we were satisfied with the niche identified and with the ideas it helped generate as to how to work that niche.

I think the thing that makes Business Insight such an exceptional product is the fact that, despite its ease of operation, it doesn't do the work for you. Actually, it creates work, in that it challenges you to consider every aspect of the particular strategy - 'no stone is left unturned.' Many elements were brought to our attention that, without Business Insight, would have been left unaddressed and we would have undoubtedly gone with a different strategy.

With each 'go around' Business Insight forced us to deal with more specific issues and elements than the time before. The optimum strategy came during our third 'go around'. The end result was a service offering that scored high points with provincial trade officials, for its unique approach in addressing an untapped need in the marketplace.

We have no doubt that Business Insight played a crucial role in helping us win a recent federal government grant award. In hindsight we can see that had we not purchased Business Insight and taken the time to work through the program the marketplace would have 'eaten us alive'. We continue to utilize Business Insight to this day and plan to do so well into the future.


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