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Business Insight®

Business Insight creates more than thirty charts that characterize your position in the market. The expert system evaluates your business in comparison with your competition and the market. Each graph shows areas where you excel or drag behind.
View a PowerPoint presentation generated automatically by Business Insight.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix
The expert system positions your business and each major competitor in the appropriate quadrant for cash requirements. The horizontal axis represents the market share relative to the industry leader. The vertical axis represents the market growth rate for the industry.

The cash flow is different in each quadrant:
High growth, high share businesses that are likely to generate enough cash to be self-sustaining.
Cash cows
Low growth, high share businesses that are likely to generate excess cash.
Question marks
High growth, low share businesses that are likely to require a lot of cash to maintain or increase market share.
Low growth, low share businesses that are likely to eat cash.

Position Evaluation Graph
This spider graph compares the attributes of your product (in red) with the best of your competition (in green). A perfect score has all points on the outer limit. In Business Insight, you could click on any point to see the analysis upon which the score is based.

Capability and Propensity to Attack
This graph displays the relationship between major competitors in your market. Each circle on the chart represents one competitor. The size of the circle represents the degree of influence and the quadrant indicates the kind of impact. Competitors can threaten your position in the market, but they may also provide benefits such as a cost umbrella. Their market development activities may increase the overall demand. They may deter new entrants by crowding distribution channels.

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