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1. Analyze Your Strategy
2. Manage Change
3. Structure Your Planning
4. Think Outside-the-Box
5. Identify Risks
6. Strategy based on Fact


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Business Insight®

Strategy based on Fact
Basing your strategy on proven business principles reviewed by experts will increase your success potential. Business Insight will generate a complete report to help you plan and justify your strategic decisions.
Detailed Analysis Report
The analysis provided by Business Insight is a powerful tool on which to base your strategic decisions. The detailed report includes:
  • The written analysis of your strategy
  • Charts that describe your market position
  • Observations on inconsistencies in your assumptions
  • Assertions or conclusions drawn by the expert system
  • Warnings of factors that could cause defeat
  • Lists of strengths and how to leverage them
  • Lists of weaknesses and how to compensate
  • A score of your potential for success
This detailed report will identify numerous critical issues to be addressed and will ensure that your strategic decisions result in a successful strategy.
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