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1. Analyze Your Strategy
2. Manage Change
3. Structure Your Planning
4. Think Outside-the-Box
5. Identify Risks
6. Strategy based on Fact




Business Insight®

Identify Risks
Business Insight provides a custom analysis considering all of the issues that impact your strategy. It factors the capabilities of your organization and your competitors, your business objectives, government influence and market climate. You will immediately see all of the positive and negative impacts on your business success.
Identify the Strategic Factors
One aspect of the analysis is in written form. In this case, it is suggested that the business opt for a focus strategy. The analysis is supported in many ways, including:
  • Hyper-links showing how the analysis was derived
  • Examples from other companies that employed the same strategy
  • Suggestions on how to proceed with this strategy
  • Company strengths to be leveraged
  • Company weaknesses to be shored up
Leverage Your Strengths
This matrix examines the benefits of obtaining a competitive advantage through cost leadership and/or differentiation. For this business, it has been determined that although they cannot become a cost leader, they can continue to thrive by maintaining significant differences from the offerings of their competition.

Avoid Costly Decisions
This business wanted to use a market penetration pricing strategy, but Business Insight cautioned against it. To help you understand why, Business Insight reveals the factors that led to the concern. The result will be huge savings by avoiding costly decisions.

These are just a few from 100's of analyses of your strategy. Each one will provide you a different insight to strengthen your market position.

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