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1. Analyze Your Strategy
2. Manage Change
3. Structure Your Planning
4. Think Outside-the-Box
5. Identify Risks
6. Strategy based on Fact




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Think Outside-the-Box
A liquor store owner was seeking new ways to generate revenue. His use of Business Insight opened his eyes to the possibility of getting into the business of bottling vodka. This has resulted in the creation of a new business model and 200 new jobs. They have taken an old-line business (old thinking) and modernized it through better strategic thinking.
Determine the Best Strategy
Business Insight will identify the strategy that will work best for you. A Differentiation Focus strategy was recommended for this business which suggests that they should focus on the unique needs of a small market segment.

The first step is to realize what will and won't work for your business. Then, as you delve deeper into the analysis report, you will see new opportunities for your business that, in the past, were hidden.

Try Alternative Scenarios
Determine what you could do to strengthen your company, like:
  • Lowering your costs
  • Constructing competitive barriers
  • Improving your management team
  • and others
Also determine what you can do to make your product or service more attractive to the buyers, like:
  • Shorten the decision cycle
  • Increase buyer awareness
  • Increase the value to price ratio
  • and more
You can then see what impact your alternatives would have on your success and what will move you from the red zone to the green zone.

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