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1. Analyze Your Strategy
2. Manage Change
3. Structure Your Planning
4. Think Outside-the-Box
5. Identify Risks
6. Strategy based on Fact




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Structure Your Planning Process
Knowing the right questions to ask and then knowing how to apply the answers to your strategy can be a challenging task. Business Insight will provide you and your team a structured environment for your strategic planning process, from assessment to analysis.
Tackle Measurable Goals
Business Insight provides you the ability to break down your strategic efforts into measurable goals. Let's follow one possible scenario.
  1. Your overall Strategic Viability was rated at 55.
  2. As you review the factors contributing to the rating you focus on the Cost to Enter the Market.
  3. This leads you to the Marketing and Sales Organization Strength.
  4. One of the factors affecting the strength is the Publicity Campaign Success Potential.
  5. This low rating of 14 is the result of three factors that you can specifically address.
By breaking down your strategy into manageable tasks, you can measure what needs to be addressed and how to achieve your goals.

Use Consistent Strategic Methods
It's very easy for bias, politics, and emotion to influence strategic decisions. Business Insight removes those by measuring independent factors. In our previous example, Business Insight determined that there was little potential to get publicity. It did so by measuring:
  • Past success
  • Media contacts
  • Promotional materials
  • Anticipated effort

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