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Plan Write® for Business

Receive Help, Step by Step
Both experienced business plan writers and first timers appreciate expert guidance. You need to convey your business idea to the investors in a way that they will see the same potential that you see. Plan Write for Business can help you do this like no other program can.
Get a Quick Analysis
Whether you are using your own money or looking for an investor, you must determine how much capital will be required to start your new business and keep it going until your sales generate enough revenue to offset your cost of operation. That is called a break even analysis.

Answer a few questions and Plan Write for Business will show you when you will break even.

Demonstrate Your Potential
In addition to understanding your business idea, investors want to know how you are going to succeed. Here is an example of how you will receive help in writing your marketing strategy.
  • View an explanation of what to write
  • See an example of how to write it
  • Write in your own words your strategy for success
Step by step you will receive help demonstrating your potential.

Financials Made Easy
Help is always available in the form of Rationale that explains what to enter into each spreadsheet, plus you can click on the titles and receive detailed help.

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