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Plan Write® for Business

Make Your Business Plan Unique
All business models are not the same and Plan Write for Business will accommodate your unique situation. We don't believe you can shortcut the process by modifying a sample plan. That will only damage your credibility with the investors. Plan Write for Business will help you create a compelling and unique business plan that will impress.
Use Your Own Words
It all begins with your executive summary, which must provide concise and compelling information in order to grab the investor's interest. Plan Write for Business will describe what to write and provide examples. But only you can adequately convey the message you need them to hear.

Choose What to Include
There are many ways to add flair and a personal touch to your final business plan and Plan Write for Business provides the flexibility you need. You can insert images, change the layout of the topic headings, or add new entries into the outline. The business plan in this example:
  1. Inserted a new chart
  2. Included a custom spreadsheet
  3. Removed an outline entry
The most important factor is that you are in control. You can customize the business plan to reflect your unique business and choose how much information to share. Plan Write for Business simply makes this process quick and easy.

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