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Plan Write Expert Edition

Customize the Business Plan to Your Business
Investors can spot a 'cookie cutter' business plan in minutes. What they want to see is YOUR business plan, not a copy of a sample plan with the names and dates changed. Using Plan Write Expert Edition, you will have all of the help and flexibility you need to create a tailored business plan that reflects your knowledge and expertise.
Use Your Own Words, With a Lot of Help
It all begins with your executive summary, which must provide concise and compelling information in order to keep the investor's interest. Plan Write Expert Edition will describe what to write and provide examples. But only you can adequately convey the message you need them to hear.

Choose the Level of Detail
You can choose what level of detail to include in you final business plan. Your initial presentation to investors may only include the Executive Summary and financial highlights. Later, you will need the complete business plan to guide your startup and operations.

The most important factor is that you are in control. You can customize the business plan to reflect your unique business and choose how much information to share. Plan Write Expert Edition simply makes this process quick and easy.

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