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Plan Write Expert Edition

Impress the Investors with Proof of Success
Investors want the assurance that your business can meet their revenue goals. The best way to convince them is to prove that what you are telling them is accurate and well thought out. Plan Write Expert Edition will provide you the edge you need to get your funding.
Start with the Basics
Before you begin writing your business plan, you need to develop the strategy that will shape your business plan. You will begin by answering key questions about:
  • Your company
  • The Competition
  • Your Product or Service
  • The Marketplace
  • Your Prospects
  • And Others
The result is an expert analysis of your business plan.

Review the Expert Analysis
The expert analysis points out factors that are critical to your success. You will receive:
  • Written analyses that are customized reports summarizing your position
  • Observations that point out relationships between critical factors affecting your success
  • Graphic charts that plot your marketing strengths against competitors
Each contributing factor, including the chart plot points, are hyper-linked so you can view the supporting arguments. This will enable you to modify your strategy and immediately determine the benefits of that change.

Prove Your Success Potential
This one to two hour investment provides you with the expert backing that will prove your success potential to the investors.

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