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Marketing Audit

Should you audit your marketing strategy?
Are you concerned about factors such as your personnel skills, current performance, how to use the Internet to grow your business, industry trends, current capabilities, capabilities required in the future, sales processes, organizational structure, pricing, promotion, advertising...?

It is difficult to know where to begin when undertaking an audit of this proportion. What questions should be asked? When you get the answers, how do you correlate them into a meaningful analysis of your marketing strategy?

You could hire a consultant, but that is very expensive. They really don't know your business like you do. You know you should do it yourself, maybe go out and purchase a book on the process. But it could take days, maybe even weeks to get that all under your belt. Then how can you be sure you have covered all the bases?

Marketing audit using expert system software
Business Insight, called the "MBA on a disk", offers a unique way for you to bring structure and expert knowledge to the process of a marketing audit. You describe your business and Business Insight matches your strategy against thousands of expert system rules drawn from real world experience and published academic research. Your insight is gained as the software leads you through the extensive analysis results.

Business Insight

Expert System Knowledge Base
Business Insight uses its extensive knowledge base of hundreds of marketing concepts to generate analyses specific to your business. As you review the analyses, each marketing concept is explained and what influence factors unique to your business have on them. You can try "what if" scenarios and observe the changes in the analyses. The analyses include:

  • A score card that rates your chances for success in key areas.
    These ratings provide the incentive for and the means of measuring improvements.
  • A list of your strengths and weaknesses.
    This helps to leverage your strength and correct or compensate for weaknesses.
  • Observations about inconsistencies in your marketing strategy.
    A powerful strategy is possible only if all parts of your business work together consistently.
  • A written critique of your strategy.
    This constructive criticism can serve as the basis of your formal marketing plan.
  • A review process.
    Tells which factors can be changed to have the most positive impact on your business.
  • A comparison of alternative strategies.
    Shows the positive and negative impacts of changing strategic factors.

Responding to Rapid Change
Industry and business practices are changing more rapidly than ever before! If you wait to perform your marketing audit, some new Internet business will have gained that much more advantage over you! Click here to see how Business Insight can prepare you for tomorrow.

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